What  We  Do

For a quick overview of who we are, and what we do, please have a look at the video below. For more detailed info have a read of the write-ups below!

Video, Television and Film Production

We’ve been creating world class productions from start to finish for over seven years. Our artists help us mould interactive, emotive, and visually rich content for the screen.

We handle all parts of the production process in-house, and take the project from its concept development, scripting, producing, shooting, as well as editing the content. We also provide animation and VFX which takes every project to a new level. At the end of it all we deliver in Full High definition as well as any other required formats you might need.

Whatever the brief, we can deliver visual content that jumps off the screen and makes your audiences smile.

We have directed and produced content for brands such as Investec, Nokia, Norton Rose, Absa, FNB and many more. As more brands use cross-platform content, the overall direction and producing of that content becomes critical to keeping the golden thread throughout the campaign. Our directors are skilled storytellers who know how to ensure that the right skill-sets are used on the right project.

Whether its a TV commercial, a documentary, or a music video, direction is critical to achieving what you set out to achieve. Our experience covers television, documentary, feature films, music videos, as well as corporate campaigns. Our expertise covers shooting live action, directing performance, set design, 2D and 3D animation, editing and most importantly, tying every visual element produced into the brands personality.

When telling a story visually its essential that it has the right look and feel in the way thats its shot. We include our cameramen & women in the creative process from the start so that they fully understand the aims of a project, and can craft the right feel in the way that they shoot. This means that the authenticity of the project is maintained throughout the production process, and can be felt in the cinematic feel of our camerawork. Our style is creative and artisitc, and we approach each project as a blank canvas that we can visually narrate through the lens.

We shoot predominantly on Full High definition, using Canon HD-DSLR’s to achieve a filmic look, and maintain HD resolution throughout our workflow.

Once principle shooting is done, we ingest the footage into our edit suites. This is where we combine shots, add transitions, music and create a flow within the story you’re trying to tell. We do both offline editing (the basic layout of the story’s structure and timing), as well as online editing (tweaking the story so that it flows together, and has definitive purpose behind each section, as well as colour grading and broadcast finishing). We make sure that the audio is clear and sits well with the music, and ensure that all your images fit into the overall project. We’ve edited for everything from feature films, music video’s, television, press releases, NGO’s promo’s and corporate video’s. We have extensive technical knowledge which guarantees that we’ll output in the right formats for your needs, and that all your colours and audio will be crystal clear.

Please note that we also have mobile editing solutions for synopsis videos that need to be edited on the same day, or for the next day. We have supplied these to Investec in Mauritius, Coke in Kenya, and Nokia at Sun City to name a few.

Visual Effects and animation are becoming more widely used accross the board within production, wether it be corporate video’s, music video’s or documentary. VFX have a powerful way of conveying information as well as emotion which grasps at a viewers attention. Almost every production we do contains some elements of VFX, sometimes as small as a logo build and title straps, and at other times the entire production is made up of VFX. There is an exciting interaction between cinematography and visual effects that provides a perfect creative platform for corporates to communicate through.

We have used VFX to communicate complex information in entertaining ways for clients such as Sony, SAB, Investec, Pfizer and FNB.

Once you’ve put in all the effort to script, shoot, edit and effect your images, the final step is colour grading (and final audio mix). Colour grading ensures¬†consistent brand quality and protects the integrity of the ‘look’ of a campaign. It is an art-form that can make or break a project. We use colour grading tools that have been used on many feature films and commercials so that we can achieve the perfect look for your project.

Once the final look of the video is done, we need to output it to whatever standard/device best suits the job. We can output onto DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, Betacam SP, HD Tape as well as any web or mobile format. Often one video will be used across multiple media channels, and each has their own format, size and colour profile that we output for. Another technical speciality is outputting to multiples screens, or onto surfaces such as buildings, sets or anything really (try 12 HD projectors projecting onto a building). Its called video mapping, and it brings the interaction between moving image and experience that much closer! It sounds complicated, but don’t stress… this is what we love to do!

Other services

As a digital content creator, we offer other services that are closely linked to video, television and film production. Increasingly clients are looking for a company that can address their entire range of media needs through a full service production house like us.

We work with other creative professionals who we trust, and who have the same ethos of quality content creation as we do. Have a look through the various collaborative services we offer to get a better idea of what parts of your production requirements we can satisfy.

There’s so many good photographers out there, but whats important to us is working with photographers who are technically brilliant but also have a feel for the campaign that we are working on.

An image holds a lot more than colour, light and framing… it holds a story, and we only work with photographers who can tell the right story for your brand. Again, we bring photographers in at the start of a project so that they have an intuitive feel for the client they’re working with, and how their images will fit into the larger narrative. At the end of the day its the images that count, so have a look at some of the following to see what we mean.

Design often forms the basis from which other elements within a campaign are drawn stylistically and conceptually, so working with skilled designers is key in setting your campaign on the right path. We work with designers who are proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc, but can also output correctly for print setup on multiple formats.

We offer the following design solutions:

  • Powerpoint & keynote design for presentations
  • Full print design for brochures, flyers, business cards, posters or any business stationary
  • Annual reports
  • Billboard
You can have great video, but without audio thats crisp, clear, alive and dynamic the video can make very little impact. We have a dedicated studio who handles all our audio wether it be a simple voice over, creating jingles, recording a full composed orchestral piece, or a 5.1 surround sound mix. Together with beautiful images, the audio completes the emotive tone and feel of the production.

We also provide event audio solutions through our technical production partners, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and the focus remains on your keynote speakers & entertainment.

The online space has become a world in which all content lives and breathes. Almost any production or campaign we are involved in has a strong online component, and the main elements behind online is the interactivity that it brings that no other element can.

Working with online professionals who again understand the brand story, and can match that with online technologies is whats key for us. And when we say online we don’t only mean delivering to websites, but to mobile devices which are always with consumers, always on, and always connected. Technologies like the iPad & iPhone have completely changed the way user interaction happens, so its crucial to us that we understand how to create and implement for these technologies. Wether its an interactive animated email event invitation, or a complete online campaign we can integrate your communication needs from start to finish.