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A photograph can change a country! Read more »

A photograph can change a country!

We were privileged to meet and film Sam Nzima, the famous photographer who took the Hector Peterson image in 1976 which changed the direction of South Africa forever, and really was the iconic image that showed up the police brutality of apartheid. He was amazing to…

The iPad in SA Leave a comment Read more »

The iPad in SA

We just finished creating 4 videos for the iStore to show the use of iPad’s within a range of different real world environments, from schools to universities, to Making Sushi and selling property. John Robbie from 702 was the presenter and went into four different environments to show how iPad’s…

CSIR Whiteboard Video's Read more »

CSIR Whiteboard Video’s

The CSIR has multiple ways in which they contribute towards business and the economy. They wanted to have a range of video’s that communicated these differnent parts to their organisaiton. We created 6 short whiteboard video’s to illustrate these different parts of their organisation. James Durno did all the…

Durex Kampus Sutra Activation Read more »

Durex Kampus Sutra Activation

We were apprached to produce a highlights video for the Durex Kampus Sutra activation last month. They did activations all around the country, and reached hundreds of thousands of students in a unique, creative and fun way. We shot the UJ and UCT campus activations,…

The Ariyeng Logo Story Read more »

The Ariyeng Logo Story

We recentyl worked with VWV to create a logo build for Ariyeng, a public service for the City of Tshwane. We came on board from the start of the project and had to scout locations, talent, shoot, direct and do all post-production on a really…

PUMA CAF Shoots Read more »


We’ve recently been working with PUMA International on a few of their media components. The first was filming the media launch of their announcement that they were partnering with Centauro for the Soccer World Cup in Brazil. The second was to film the Algerian National…

What we've been doing through 2012 4 Comments Read more »

What we’ve been doing through 2012

2012 has been a really busy year for Indie Village. We started off the year catching up a whole bunch of work from the previous year. Our sister company Studio Memoir had been really busy towards the end of 2011, so January was spent playing…

New Corporate Showreel Up! Read more »

New Corporate Showreel Up!

We’ve been so busy lately its sometimes hard to find time to do some of the important things, like update your showreel! We’ve finally done it, and its always crazy to look through all the old projects that you’ve done over a year. Our work…

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Read more »

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

Last week we filmed the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge at Wanderers. JP Morgan organises 13 races around the world to fund different charities. This year they were funding the Make a Difference Foundation. We created this video about the race and its sponsors for Hack…

Nedbank CMT Video Read more »

Nedbank CMT Video

We’ve had a really busy month already, working with Nedbank on creating a very short video for the Launch of their CMT team, who manage all of Nedbanks Social Media interactions. It was a really tight deadline. We got briefed on a Thursday, did pre-produciton…

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